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Monday October 18th 2021, 19:57
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 Today I finally got a day off since I went on Saturday last week, so it was really nice. Pretty productive day too, since I’m still suffering and finishing works for my drawing classes. Two of them are pretty much about to be soon finished which is great, also found a while to doodle some chairs and furniture. Got an idea for some graphics for matfloor v5, still rough sketches but gonna try to finish one and try one idea first. Maybe I’ll make this into a proper illustration with most tacky 70s modernist room, maybe even place some of my lads here? Sounds incredibly fun.

Been enjoying two of mixes I did yesterday, but I got a bit tired after few listens so I switched to Massive Attack’s 1994 Essential Mix which so far is really fucking great. Need to dig through selected Essential Mixes soon, lot of good stuff and I just want to move from listening to full albums all the time, find some fun tracks and put them on my own mixes. Maybe will try entire years in the future, but amount of time needed is so huge. Would try some Breezeblock too, since turns out it got shorter sets and also good selection of artists, listened to quite of them before but wondering about mixes by some of them.

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