Things from the end of the internet

Saturday October 16th 2021, 17:51
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Wednesday October 06th 2021, 19:50
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Guess I should make a little page with daily photos inspired by ancient picture page on some blog that stuck in my mind. Gotta get things moving with main site again, WordPress is a great tool but I want to have massive amounts of fun with creative things (and use more illustration and fun graphics on site!)

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Friday October 01st 2021, 14:18
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It’s pretty weird camera, but it got it’s charm.

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A place from the past
Wednesday September 08th 2021, 19:32
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More weird colors.

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Cycle begins again
Tuesday September 07th 2021, 21:08
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dimage x31
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11/08/21 & 17/08/21
Wednesday August 18th 2021, 18:40
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Oh shit
Monday August 16th 2021, 18:56
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Pretty much I abandoned this place for a quite while, but guess it’s time to come back and get moving.


Wednesday December 09th 2020, 11:17
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Blog was quiet for a while, mainly because I didn’t feel in mood to do something and post here. Similar situation with drawings, but I hope I’ll loosen up again with studies since I want to push my progress forwards.

Recent photos I took are up on main site and all november doodles are finally in gallery. Successfully converted my site to use dcb’s AutoSite and it makes thing way easier now, really good stuff.

Probably will dump some random studies here to keep it running, as I wanted from begining. Big things after New Year, now I want to catch up with some things I need to do.