Sunday January 31st 2021, 12:54
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I don’t really have a lot to say for now. Things are still going, but I can’t get myself to do things I want. I keep myself occupied with other things and I have to do some stuff which is important and maybe after May I’ll feel better.

This place will be way quieter now, though I’ll dump something here from time to time. Some things will be moved to subsite I’m working on which will be a bit looser, less polished. Not linking it here, since it isn’t ready yet and I don’t really want to show it now.

To not make this one that empty, check out this AFX’s tune from Surfing on Sine Waves. I like this album a lot.

Wednesday December 09th 2020, 11:17
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Blog was quiet for a while, mainly because I didn’t feel in mood to do something and post here. Similar situation with drawings, but I hope I’ll loosen up again with studies since I want to push my progress forwards.

Recent photos I took are up on main site and all november doodles are finally in gallery. Successfully converted my site to use dcb’s AutoSite and it makes thing way easier now, really good stuff.

Probably will dump some random studies here to keep it running, as I wanted from begining. Big things after New Year, now I want to catch up with some things I need to do.

Scattered updates
Sunday September 20th 2020, 14:07
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Oh fuck. I was about to write about site redesign, but I couldn’t and being artistically blocked didn’t helped. Everytime when I tried to write this goddamn post I couldn’t go past first sentence, or sometimes didn’t write a thing.

I’ve scanned some art recently, during cleaning up and throwing away things I for sure don’t want to keep. They are still waiting for cropping and I still need to choose what I want to drop here, but first I need to unfuck art page. Which still doesn’t look like I wanted to.

Got some new art supplies, I feel a bit more motivated to do new art and finally fullfill one of my goals – more finished pieces. I feel this will be a better way to improve because doing one finished thing, preparing for it and later analyzing own mistakes is better than mindless studying.

From other things than autistic rebuilding of my music libary because I want to make it compact (wanted truly go into luddite mode with some G4 iBook, already got rid of social media) and hanging around Somnol’s IRC room, I’ve found a neat thing, which is N-Gen Machine. Gonna write about this little fun program soon, because I finally got it after looking for it for a long while.

I was undergoing some mindset changes and I hope this surely will help me, but I still have a lot of things I need to work on.

Images still broken after new installation of WordPress, will fix that someday I suppose.

Miscellaneous updates
Saturday August 29th 2020, 07:44
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I love summer feel of this song, this album overall. Also got used to block editor, captions don’t look out of place.

Recent two weeks were absolute low on my mood, lack of time stunt my progress and stopped any projects I was working on. I won’t whine about this situation since it’s pointless, millions of people did this already, won’t break a rule I set myself.