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Cycle begins again
Tuesday September 07th 2021, 21:08
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dimage x31

As amount of clientele coming is getting lesser and lesser, school finally kicking in, I’m somewhat getting a bit of rest (though not enough). It’s sunny again, comapred to end of August which pretty much reminded me November more.

Finally got another toy which I actually can use, since I’m still stuck with finding cheap Olympus coming with a xD card which is necessary. Minolta DiMAGE X31, incredibly lightweight ultracompact camera, pretty limited with annoying navigation but good enough for my daily photo taking.

I think I wanted one since I could hold possibly X20 at my friend’s place. I remember asking her while ago if she could sell it to me, but it was too late.

Shots are what I usually took, since I wanted to test it out and compare results to Kodak Easyshare which used for most of time before getting some of pre-2007 cameras. It got only 3.2MP, option to change white balance and exposure bias but it’s good enough. Fluorescent mode is pretty good which is think I like in my cameras. Weirdly purple sky is lovely.

I want to take more photos, especially use some of film stock I got (especially Fuji CDU since I still can get it) though still keeping some rarer stuff for later (or this weekend, seeing my family in Silesia so lot of industrial structures). Except this I want to take photos of commieblocks like I said before, but also I’m thinking about asking people who look cool to take photos, FRUITS magazine style. But I know it would end terribly and I’d embarass myself.

Sometimes I want someone to go out with and take some photos. Knowing me, I don’t have any real world friends who can stand my spergery. All of my former classmates are leaving the town in October and I’m possibly only one which didn’t applied to some university. This makes me a bit sad, since they are only people who I usually talked. I keep touch with some of them, they’re good but they’ll be gone soon anyway.

I don’t know where to look to find new ones honestly. I’m starting to feel depressed. My internet friends are important and helped me in many aspects but sometimes you want to have some interactions in real life.

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