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Sunday November 01st 2020, 21:23
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Very electronic filled month, compared to next few. After overdue here it is. Inspired by Cammy’s Montly Mixtape and earlier posts on Somnol’s group blog.

Idea was there for a longer while, though I thought I could replace it with (maybe) working widget, but seems all are seldom updated and site in general is slowly dying and errors are even more common making it unusuable. I’m about to split recent favourites and make separate posts for each month.

Metamatics – Rapala Shad (2002)

Lee Norris is man of many aliases (as most of electronic musicians do), has a lot of content which I didn’t listened fully yet. From Death to Passwords Where You Are a Paper Aeroplane is really pleasant IDM album with some glitch (which started to grow on me, but honestly things like Autechre don’t do).

µ-Ziq – Within a Sound (1995)

Mike Paradinas’ work is overshadowed by likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre, even Venetian Snares who got his start on his label, Planet Mu is vastly more known to people who aren’t really into IDM. Sort of pioneering mix of Drum & Bass with IDM. Though µ-Ziq’s drum programming wasn’t that great (as he admitted on his own), but his experience as keyboard player back in 80s shows – beatiful melodies over harsh drums give a lot of his tracks sort of… lush feeling?

Strange Cargo – She Cries Your Name (1995)

Way different from original version, which probably is one of most well known Beth Orton’s song. Made with her then boyfriend, William Orbit who at that point already was established producer. Hinterland is overall a neat downtempo album going into more ambient direction, which differs it from most of this genre (which is actually “lo-fi hip-hop beats to study”).

BT – The Road to Lostwithiel (1997)

Avoided trance a lot. I didn’t know how to navigate and find stuff, felt alien to me. As I’m loving electronic 90s music, I avoided trance for a long time and I think it was a mistake. Aside that, it was pretty fashionable genre as house did. Started with pretty obvious choice of artist for genre, but damn, this album is what I need. That sort of synths is thing I really love.

Seba – Soul 2000 (1999)

First heard it on some Progression Session mix ages ago and fallen in love with it.

Lamb – What Sound (2001)

Lamb sometimes can sound boring after some time, but at they usually had more innovation than other trip-hop acts of that era. I guess others copied their drum & bass influence. Title track is made by string parts, gonna say they feel moving every time I listen to this.

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