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Calling back
Wednesday October 20th 2021, 18:35
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For a good while site wasn’t really updated. For various reasons, but later blog got resurrected from dead since I started to dump my daily photos, got quite of them and honestly Flickr with 1000 photo cap isn’t great for big photo dumps and in a while I could run out of my space (thanks SmugMug) so I decided to post them here. Except this some mixtapes and a longer piece which actually was a re-write of my earlier, unfinished post at Somnol’s group blog.

But except this, nothing happened at top-level matfloor site. Time to change this.

A photo a day (on two on one)

Since I now I got a habit that I have to take one of my cameras daily, I’m getting a huge number of photos and I just want to share them somewhere. Not a proper sets from some nice walk or something, just quick snapshots of daily life (pretty repetetive one though). For a good while I had an idea inspired by ancient photo page which design I loved (also some nice snaps here!) so I finally put it to life when I got a while of free time. Not really a photo a day (sounded nice though), but two snaps I liked the most usually. You can view everything so far here.

Been thinking about year in photos project, like this one I liked and found while ago (it’s always neat to see early digital photos!). Wondering if I’ll be able to finish this one, so it gonna be a fun challenge.

Blogger isn’t that bad, actually

Had few attempts with journalling here, but all failed. Guess I was too lazy to manually update pages, so I wanted to try some old simple CMSes like b2 or Greymatter, but all won’t work on newest and most modern things here so I’ve abandoned this idea for a while.

While going through old blog-like layouts I did for my site I thought some could be easily converted for blogger since it still generates HTML pages and template is just XHTML and it’s really easy to edit them if you use a classic template. Could have some fun with this so I did a completely new layout, which unblocked design/website stuff in me finally. Done just in 2 hours, but I’m really satisfied. Used a photo I took with my fuji with busted CCD but I liked scanline like lines that appear on most of photos and honestly they really matched this picture which in the end was just blurry lines (taken out of train window during ride).

You can read more regular rambling, check random links over here.

In other news – finally got a few ideas for new layout. Gonna try some ideas for main part of site and honestly I don’t really want each section of site having same, one layout since I always wanted to make some of them own little subsites with some really fun pages and more graphics for sure, also I really want to involve more illustration in my layouts. Will experiment with this when I finally catch up with drawings for my classes.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more of my drawings again, more lads and fluffy lads, maybe even a finished illustration (after a entire year!). Still got some days up to 31th, so gonna think about something spooky. Hoping to deliver this time, since I’m tired about talking about same shit and doing things but never finishing them.

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