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Changes coming
Monday October 18th 2021, 20:44
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2002, this time.


  1. Underworld – Two Months Off (from Hundred Days Off)
  2. The Streets – It’s Too Late (from Original Pirate Material)
  3. Wilco – Radio Cure (from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)
  4. Saint Etienne – Action (from Finisterre)
  5. Metamatics – Rapala Shad (from From Death to Passowrds Where You Are a Paper Aeroplane)
  6. Noon / DJ Twister – Revision (Oreu Remix) (from Vision EP)
  7. Future Loop Foundation – Sun Comes Filtering Through (from This is How I Feel)
  8. Aim – The Girl Who Fell Through the Ice (from Hinterland)
  9. Drexciya – Digital Tsunami (from Harnessed the Storm)
  10. Wuz (Alex Gopher) – Without You (from Wuz)
  11. Dot Allison – Substance (from We Are the Science)
  12. Boards of Canada – Music is Math (from Geogaddi)
  13. Arpanet – Wireless Internet (from Wireless Internet)
  14. Myslovitz – Chciałbym Umrzeć z Miłości (I’d Like to Die from Love) (from Korova Milky Bar)

Download: FLAC / AAC (128kbps)

Honestly I wanted to keep a 2002 favourite track mix for next year, maybe because it will be 20 years since all of these albums or EPs were released or that it’s year where I finally turn 20 (just in 152 days as of time of writing this). Got some other idea to celebrate this supposedly important thing though.

Got here few names that are pretty well known around and some were feautured on previous mix (Underworld and Dot Allison), but got some new stuff I didn’t really share before. Bits of house, IDM, downtempo, electro-laced techno and other stuff. It was incredibly fun to piece together, it was pretty quick one and I was set on playlist because it just clicked.

Didn’t forget about cue sheet this time, time to get these CD-Rs finally.

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