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11/08/21 & 17/08/21
Wednesday August 18th 2021, 18:40
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That’s all… so far. Honestly there was so few of them, so I preferred to make a blog post instead of page for now. Currently still thinkering about new design, new pages will come with it and possibly entirely separate photography page.

Finally bought pre-2005 point and shoot I wanted, hopefully it will be a good choice – don’t know about other camera from this period which saves to RAW and it has a manual mode, so it’s great.

To take a break from using only tungsten stocks, got few daylight balanced stocks. All expired, don’t know if I’ll be able to get some again so gotta make worthwhile shots. After that maybe some fresh rolls for sure, just to collect enough to develop them together – keeping chemicals for too long fucks them up, so I don’t want to have surprises.

So more coming, will be going to some fun places soon and I hope to come back with lot of photos. Some for fun, some for graphic design experiments.

Anyway, blog got a bit of refresh. Finally using own image in header and matched colors to it. Also, I got a flickr account. It’s nice to be back after longer absence.

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