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Friday December 25th 2020, 13:35
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I still can’t get myself to write again. Few last weeks were full of feeling burnt out, but I finally finished new site and proper post about this will be up. Or I’ll talk about this on all year retrospective which I really want to write (and I have to push myself to do this because it will be worth.)

I started compiling music for this post last week, but I didn’t know where to go. Felt like what I written was bad (I have to admit that writing about music is still hard for me but I think it will get better). Probably don’t overthinking this could help.

Enjoyed a lot of things this month, so there’s some stuff I liked the most.

Underworld – Glam Bucket (2007)

Freezing beauty and spacious sound.

I wasn’t convinced by Underworld without Darren Emerson for a long time, but they are great as only a duo too.

Underworld – Luetin (2002)

Uplifting, progressive house track with sort of bittersweetness going on.

Autechre – Lowride (1993)

Never was a big fan of Autechre and specific breed of IDM that they are doing now. Pretentious fans of them are even worse, thinking that they are better and more enlighted by listening 4 hours of glitches.

Two first albums are different. Way more listenable and have melody going on with more traditional techno beat, but still have that mood which can be felt in their later work more.

Loving that piano and synths a lot. Probably my favourite track off Incunabula.

The Streets – Weak Become Heroes (2002)

One of my all time favourite covers to be honest. Photograph by Rut Blees Luxemburg

It’s a reflection about raving, clubs and all of culture around electronic music (notice mentions of all of these DJs) but it gets sort of uplifting feeling by these lines: The weak become heroes and the stars align / (We all sing, we all sing, sing) / We were just standing there, minding our own / We went on and on (We all smile, we all sing)

Mesmerizing piano and backing vocals make it even more magical.

Metamatics – Two The Point (1997/2001)

Minimal but still bouncy.

Propellerheads – Echo & Bounce (1998)

Disbanded after only one album, but a quality one. You get big beat and downtempo, a really great match.

A lot of tracks I enjoyed but Echo & Bounce is my favourite for now.

The Experiment – Walk Away (1998)

Hydgrogen Dukebox got me interested. They got Metamatics/Norken, but there are some more interesting acts (which sometimes vanished after one album). You get everything from big beat to glitchy IDM.

Walk Away which was featured on their Electronic Music for Heroes 3 compilation is mind blowing and also it’s a great opener of album which it comes from. Nothing comes that close, but What Goes Up is still really enjoyable and worth a good listen.

Plumbline – 212 E10 (2004)

Another track I liked on Electronic Music for Heroes 3. I don’t like comparing things to describe them, but it has similarity to some tracks from Metamatics’ From Death to Passwords Where You Are a Paper Aeroplane. mainly because of vocals and glitchy microbeats.

It feels like time and space stop, completely mesmerizing.

Air – Talisman (1998)

These Frenchmen? Again?

I finally appreciated Moon Safari in it’s entirety – side B also has great stuff on it, but side A definitely overshadowed it. I feel like most of people don’t talk about these, but they are pure quality and it’s really consistent. Gonna say it’s perfect vague electronica/downtempo album. Not painfully boring same instrumental hip-hop that defined this genre (blame Mo Wax mostly) with some synths. Taking more of likes of Jean Michel Jarre and other progressive electronic musicans and electro (with a lot of use of vocoders).

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